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yes I am still alive – update on my affiliate marketing experiment is coming later today

Phew 9 days and lots of comments to approve ! I have been so busy the last week or so, my blog has been neglected, but fear not I will be giving you a nice update of my affiliate marketing experiement, making 1 or 2 new blog posts and also answering all your comments from the last few days.

Keep your eyes peeled !

my heart is in this 100%

I was recently approached by Heart Internet to give an interview for them to send out to their 100,000+ newsletter readers,  detailing ways on how to make money and monetise their websites using affiliate marketing.

You can read the interview here

Enjoy :)


A little thank you and also a sunday niche !

A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone called Jim Kinloch, who had read my posts on the a4u forum and asked if I would be interested in promoting their campaign for old newspapers, he also commented that he knew I was busy and probably wouldn’t have the time to look at it – unfortunately he was 100% correct, and I replied back that I had too much on my plate at present, but would re look into it at a later date and directed Jim to my blog.

A few days later, Jim contacted me again commenting that he had seen my blog post that I have recently celebrated my first wedding anniversary and as a thank you for all the effort and advice I have given people on a4u, for me to choose a complimentary gift ! I was touched, as I never expected such a kind gesture as it is quite rare where I get any real reward for anything I contribute to the affiliate community, so it was a very nice gesture. I chose a backdated newspaper from the day my wife was born. A few days later it arrived and my wife was over the moon with the gift, and it was quite funny reading the news from the day she was born (all those years ago !).

I looked more into this niche and found it a little bit gutting that I do not have time to do something with it, as I believe it is a quite a niche product and could do well as it is starting at 12% and the gift I chose for my wife was £40 so it would be almost £5 commission per sale which is great !

So as a thankyou to Jim and also to give others the opportunity to take advantage of this, here are a couple of niche domains (with search traffic according to the google tool) which could do well with this affiliate program.

birthdaynewspapers / org / uk
oldnewspapers /org / uk
birthdatenewspapers / org / uk
historicnewspapers / org / uk

Email Jim by clicking here and mention this blog post, and he will get you approved on the program (which is on the fantastic webgains) straight away !

18 inch tyres – Saturday niche domain name for you

Phew what a busy week ! haven’t stopped with various things, so I haven’t had the time to blog much.

Anyway, after seeing this I decided to post a “Saturday” niche domain here for you.

18inchtyres / co / uk is the niche (all extensions are available even the .com) now this only gets 720 exact according to the google tool, but with the Mytyres affiliate program paying 3% commission and the average price for a set of 4 x 18 inch tyres being a good few £££ there is scope for some decent commissions to be made and the competition in the serps is very very weak for this and other keywords.

Plus mytyres are the cheapest place around for 18 inch tyres or any size tyres for that matter so if you use your head and do the maths, this will create lots of niche’s for you to tackle.

Good luck and look forward to seeing any which are made as a result of this post. ps Don’t expect to get rich from this domain name, but it could give you some extra cash to spend on your families for a little amount of work.

Buying 18 inch tyres and wheels will NOT improve your car's overall look, if it currently resembles this

Buying 18 inch tyres and wheels will NOT improve your car's overall look, if it currently resembles this