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Google pagerank update taken place today

Yep thats right. The almight G has spoken once again, and cast down it’s magic green bar on all your websites.

But what does the pagerank mean for your website ? in all honesty – it means nothing !

Give me Google cake over the Google pagerank any day !

I have websites which have increased from a PR2 to a PR6 and I have also had websites decrease from a PR6 to a PR3 during this update, yet they are both still making the same amount of money and getting the same amount of traffic that they were before the update.

The only thing that pagerank is important for, is for those webmasters who are selling backlinks. Some will say that the higher the PR of a website, the more authoritive the website is, but this isn’t strictly true in the majority of cases. I have seen PR7 websites drop to PR N/A overnight more than once.

I have websites which have PR0 and are ranked number 1 for their main chosen keyword, and I have websites that are PR6 and not ranked in the top 5 for it’s main keyword,

What do you care more about ? the little green bar growing in size OR your actual positions in the search engines ? I rest my case.

How was the pagerank update for you anyway ? and what are your own personal views of the actual pagerank toolbar etc ??

Salt is the main cause of obesity

We all know that salt is bad for you, but I have cast iron proof that salt is the main cause of obesity. Apologies for the long explanation in advance, but I am setting the scene here.

Me as a child playing with salt (an actor is playing my part in this picture)

Like most other affiliates / SEO / work from home people, I sit on my backside most of the day typing on my keyboard and staring at my screen trying to invent the next eBay, Money Supermarket or My Voucher Codes.

My lovely wife Gem, usually makes me lunch and places it in front of me whilst I am in my “inventing” state of mind, and more often than not I eat it without even realising what it is.

So today was different. Gem and the kids have gone to visit family, and I stayed at home to catch up on work which is still haunting me from before the A4U Expo.

So approx 40 minutes ago I was starting to feel hungry, and decided to get out of the house and get a bite to eat. First place that enters my head is McDonald’s – my favourite haunt for quick and easy tasty food (imo). So I get to the lovley drive through window and order my food.

As I am such a fussy eater, I always order my favourite meal (quarter pounder with cheese) with just cheese, this ensures that my food is freshly cooked and hasn’t been hanging around on the Mc Shelves for 2 hours. As usual I am told to go and wait in the grill order parking bay.

10 minutes later (did I say quick food ??) the lovley Mcdonalds lady hands me my food through my car window. I drive off and decide to stop in the car park to eat the food as I was starving by this time (skipped breakfast too).

I opened my food and started eating the chips. They were not as nice as usual because they had NO SALT on them !

As I was in a rush to get back to my idea, I didn’t want to go back in to Mcdonalds to ask for salt, so I just ate them with no salt – which meant I left almost half of the chips and ended up throwing them in the bin. Due to the chips not being as salty, I didn’t finish half my drink either, so that also went in the bin.

On my drive back home, I started thinking to myself “I just saved myself probably 300+ calories from the chips and full fat coke I didn’t finish – Just because the chips had no salt on them”

So it is now blatantly obvious to me why so many people (including myself) are overweight – it is the salt !! Salt is the main cause of obesity !

When I met up with Chris Clarkson again at this years A4U expo, I commended him on his fantastic weight loss, as he truly does look a different person – he had lost almost 6 stone in as many months !

So many people had complimented him on his weight loss and asking how he did it. He had concocted some story about lighter life and a liquid diet yadda yadda, but it is now so obvious what he REALLY did – he has stopped eating salt, which in turn means he eats alot less food, which results in weight loss.

I am going  experiment this and report back some findings – portion control is hard for most people – salt control isn’t though, and if you don’t enjoy your food as much without salt, you will eat less of it thus resulting in weight loss.

So next time you are about to enjoy a meal, remember something – Salt is the main cause of obesity !

Plop trumps – the perfect secret santa gift idea for 2009

My plop trumps arrived back this morning from and I have to say, I haven’t been able to stop laughing since getting them.

 Plop TrumpsPlop trumps consists of 40 individual cards, each displaying a different category ranging from hardness to smelliness. Have you ever wondered which has the longest poo ? a pig or a zebra then you don’t have to wonder anymore.

When I see items like this, I can honestly say that it is the only time I wish I was still working in an office environment, as this would have been a great secret santa gift idea. Imagine someone’s face when they opened their secret santa gift and it was a packet of plop trumps ? ha ha magic moment for definate !

They are without a doubt the perfect secret santa gift idea for 2009 and probably one of the best secret santa gift ideas of all time !

I am now thinking of ordering some more plop trumps, to send to other unsuspecting friends and colleagues, as the great thing about Firebox is they sell them in packs of 4 too !

If you really want a laugh then read more about plop trumps here

Avon cosmetics affiliate earns £7million

Debbie Davis is the UK’s  most successful Avon lady after turning over more than £7m in sales.

Avon calling

She started the job five years ago and now heads up a team of 2,500 people, and earns approx £250,000 a year in revenue !

To date she has sold a staggering £7 million of Avon cosmetics, including over £2 million in only one year.

It is a huge distance away from where Debbie was 5 years ago as in 2004 she was jobless and struggling to pay the rent on her house. Now she doesn’t have to worry about the rent as she has bought her house and is living totally debt free.

I think Debbie’s story is further proof of a favourite saying of mine – you have to hit rock bottom before you realise what you have to do, to make a success of yourself.

Being an Avon lady is exactly the same commision model as if you are an affiliate for avon – you sell the products for them and you earn commision based on how much you sell.

To read more about Avon then please click here

Sky news website advertising shit boxes for

Firebox.comoffers some hilarious products for Christmas and some really good novelty ideas. I have to say that the plop trumps are definitely my favourite item on the site and I will be ordering a few of them for a few “friends” for Christmas.

This morning, I was browsing the sky news website (normally 10 times a day) and I was greeted by a very funny firebox banner advertisement on the top homepage of sky news


sky news

Yes the Shit box from Firebox has got front page advertising on one of the busiest websites in the UK !

Money could not buy you advertising like that, but affiliate marketing gets you free advertising like that !

Great product Firebox and great to see it on the homepage of Sky news domain name sells for $246,000 to

Sedo have reported today that has been sold for $246,000 (£148,496 at todays exchange rate) and by checking the Nominet whois you can see that it was bought by the owners of

I wonder what the previous owner of will spend the money on ?

I wonder what the previous owner of will spend the money on ?

Yet again this is fantastic news for UK domain names are further solidifies the value of .uk domain names rising in value month after month. Let’s hope this gets some good national press, and congratulations to the original owner ProFantasy Software Ltd who recently posted the domain name for sale on acorn domains which is a popular UK haunt for domain sellers

Liverpool lose due to beach ball

Liverpool were defeated 1-0 against Sunderland today after one of their young fans threw a beachball onto the pitch during the game.

Not the most popular Liverpool fan in history !

Not the most popular Liverpool fan in history !

The young boy watched in horror as the football kicked by Darren Bent (the Sunderland striker) and was deflected off the beachball and into the goal of Liverpool !

Darren bent 

 What an unfortunate event for Liverpool ! Something tells me that this Liverpool fan will not be the most popular guy on the train home !

Stevie wonder on twitter – breaking news

Stevie Wonder Twitter

Most expensive domain name in history sells for $16m – beats by $4m

Congratulations to the original owners of who bought the domain name in December 2001 for $1.6m and sold last week for $16m for the domain name and branding.

What a fantastic ROI and great news for domain name investors around the world.

This beats the previous highest domain name sale record in history which was which sold for a reported $12m-$14m in 2006

This proves yet again that domain investing is a great opportunity and something which is growing in popularity every day.

brewsters millions

I have quit affiliate marketing

At least that is what alot of people have been emailing to aks me :

“Hi Frank
I have noticed you haven’t been active on A4U for quite some time now and was wondering if you were just busy or have quit affiliate marketing all together”

“Hello Frank
How are you ? I hope I am wrong but I have heard rumours that you have quit in affiliating to pursue other things, is it true ?”

Now to answer both questions and all the other doubts in one answer – I HAVE NOT QUIT AFFILIATE MARKETING

Hiding in the shadows

So where have I been since my last post on 13th August 2009 ? well various things have happened over the last 2 months including

1. Kids summer holidays – Decided to take some time off to spend with the family.
2. I have been slowly dropping my clients away to concentrate on all my own projects full time
3. I have developed and also launched 2 big sites
4. I have been establishing reputable and trustworthy partners to start joint ventures with, on some of my premium domain names
5. I have been investing in more premium domain names and working towards a structured work plan for the next 12 months

To answer another common question I have been asked frequently as of late – YES I WILL BE ATTENDING THE A4UEXPO THIS YEAR

I will also be making more regular updates to my blog with new ideas / challenges and help for people to show you ways to make money online.

Anyway enough now – I will see you at the expo.