Who said you don’t get anything in life for free ?

Wow it has been 33 days since my last blog post ! and the first one of 2010 ! Lots has happened since my last blog post too. I have stopped drinking coke for a full two weeks now, and an even bigger achievement – I haven’t eaten anything from McDonald’s for 9 weeks on Monday ! Anyone who knows me, will know what a feat that has been so I am really pleased tbh !

Lots of decisions have been made with my projects and goals and I have decided to change the way I do things with certain elements of my business as there simply are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.

Free Money

One good thing that has come from this change of thinking, is me being able to offer something else to those who need some help. After my mammoth thread on a4u (which I still get daily emails about, even one year onwards) I decided to add another dimension to this and offer something even better.

This is a unique offer for people who want to get hold of a valuable generic product domain name with lots of monthly searches, but cannot afford to buy one, due to the hefty price tag, and here is how it will work :
1. I will offer 5 premium .org.uk domain names (1 per person) to begin with, where you can use the name 100% free for 6 months – these are domains names that would sell for £x,xxx each on the open market.
2. During this 6 months you must build a website on the domain name and build on the site exactly like it is your own.
3. After 6 months, you feel for any reason you cannot continue with the website, then you give the domain back with no charge but in return, the website you have created becomes mine also – which should make no difference as you would obviously have no interest in the project anymore.
4. If after 6 months you want to continue using the domain name, then you pay a monthly fee of £150 to myself and you carry on as you were before with full control over the website, and you keep all the earnings yourself apart from the monthly fee no matter how high the earnings are.
5. This gives you 6 months free grace to build something up, with no expensive domain name purchase upfront and no outgoings at all, and then the option to continue using the domain name if you feel the project is working for you. 

6. Even if you make money in the first 6 months and decide to give the domain name back after this period, the money you have made is yours to keep with no charge at all.

I am specifically interested in people who have some experience, as these are NOT niche domain names and are valuable domain names, which if used rightly they have the potential to earn £x,xxx – £xx,xxx a month for you.

If you are interested then please drop me an email me ******** OFFER NOW CLOSED DUE TO RECEIVING SO MANY REQUESTS ******** and put the subject as “blog domain name offer”

I look forward to hearing from you