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Garlic Bread is NOT the future anymore !

Yes that is right – comedy genius Peter Kay was WRONG !

Garlic bread ? ! ?

The future….is the INTERNET !!!! what a revelation eh ? well no, not really.

Except there are still millions of people who do not realise how powerful, fast growing and important the internet really is, and how much it is changing the way we function as human beings, in numerous ways.

At least once a week, I observe someone who matches the above statement - usually when they are casually enquiring about what I do for a living. This usually stems from one or all of the following reasons – I drive a flash car and so does my wife, I do what I want – when I want, I take and pick up my kids from school, I regularly sit in Starbucks with friends and my wife, I go to the gym when I like, I go shopping when I like, I attend all the school activities in which my kids are involved with, BUT I don’t appear to be employed in the mind’s of the usual 9-5ers who don’t have a clue how I am able to do all this.

Let me give you two examples which an average Joe Bloggs can relate to.

1. 98% of all Music singles are now bought online (source). Prior to 2004, you were not able to legally download or purchase any music online, and yet just 6 years later it accounts for over 98% of all the music singles bought in the UK.

2. Amazon have reported that for the first time ever, Ebooks are now outselling traditional paperbacks and hardbacks (source)

Still think the internet isn’t growing at an alarming rate ?

An interesting book I have read recently  is ‘Get out while you can’ link here which was written by George Marshall who like myself, makes a full time living from the internet in various ways. I feel the book offers a good insight to what can be achieved online, and also gives you ideas on how to get started yourself with very little money.

A few people who know me quite well, know how little money I started with myself when I first took the leap to work fulltime online with a wife and three kids to support. That figure was £100 - but if you want to find out more, you will have to wait until I release my own book in the near future :)

The majority of people who read this post will already be involved online in some shape or form, but I am sure you know people just like I do, who do not realise the internet and it’s potential and abilities – if that’s the case then just send them a link to this post.

Want a frank and honest review ? talk to me ! My New Year resolution

In 2010 I received approx 30 emails / requests for me to review certain products / items etc on my blog. The emails I received were generally asking if the person / company could send me their product and I write a review on my blog, giving my opinion and obviously linking to the product on their website.

Frank reviews by Frank

I have always declined these offers, as I am very busy and also didn’t want to be seen as providing a 100% positive review of a product JUST because it had been sent to me.

I understand how a review on an established blog / website can help with awareness, traffic and website rankings, and this is obviously very important – especially to new websites and companies who haven’t got much of a budget.

So in 2011, I have decided to provide a frank and honest review on this blog for ANY product that is offered to me – well almost any product ie no viagra etc, although viagra could be fun :)

So if you want me to provide a frank and honest review for your product then drop me an email to and I will give you my details where to send the item. Your review will appear on my blog within 7 days of me receiving the product in the post.

For those of you who contacted me in 2010 asking if I would review your products, feel free to contact me again and I will accomodate you (except the guy who wanted me to review a leather thong and post pics !)