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iPhone 5 responsible for Daily Mail Knox Trial Story

The iPhone 5 has officially been revealed today and we have an exclusive picture of how it will look

i Phone5

The new iPhone 5 is powered by a combination of Comic Sans and the Android operating system. Steve Jobs has also stepped out of retirement to reveal the iPhone 5 and said at press launch “We are so excited about the launch of the new Comic Sans and Android powered phone. It has a brand new function which enables to see news stories before they actually happen. A number of you may have seen the story the Daily Mail ran on the Knox trial yesterday, and I can confirm that this was due to the power of the super computer we have built into the iPhone 5″

Jobs also added “You may find this hard to believe but I am actually saying this from tomorrow and what you are seeing is an illusion right before your very eyes”

Trading runs in the family. How my 6 year old daughter made a 1200% ROI

Moshi Monsters, Moshlings, Lady Goo Goo – if you are a parent with young children I am sure you know what I am talking about. Moshi Monsters has taken over the UK as one of the biggest must have toys at present after the huge success of the online game Moshi Monsters

My youngest daughter recently started collecting the Moshi Monsters ‘Series 1′ Moshlings which are little plastic figures all with different names. There are a couple of moshlings which are classed as ‘ultra rare’ and they are very hard to find.

A week ago we had taken a family visit to a local toy shop for her to spend her birthday money, when she decided to pay a pack of Moshlings. When she got in the car she opened the pack, and was very excited to see that she was lucky enough to have an ‘ultra rare’ moshling called “Big Bad Bill” inside.

As she understands the meaning of the word ‘rare’, she quickly suggested it could be worth money (she’s my daughter alright) and she might be able to sell it for alot more than she paid for it (A pack of 2 moshlings cost £1.99 so they are worth around a quid each). We looked on eBay and saw they were selling in the region of £7 – she was ecstatic and asked me to list it straight away.

Big Bad Bill Ultra Rare Moshling

All week she has been super excited, and asking myself and my wife to check eBay every 5 minutes. The listing ended about an hour ago and she was over the moon that the end price was £10.51 + £1.50 postage and packaging = £12.01 a fantastic 1200% return on investment (ROI)

The best part for me, was her realising she now has £12 to spend on 6 more packs of moshlings so 12 more moshlings to add to her collection AND the possibility of finding another rare moshling to start her trading off all over again.

Whatever happens, I am pleased the buzz from trading runs in the family, and who knows we might have someone to take over my reigns in years to come :)