I sold CheapCruises.co.uk to the Bad Boy of Cruise

I am both pleased AND sad to announce that I have sold CheapCruises.co.uk

Bye Bye CheapCruises.co.uk

Why am I sad ? A few of you know that I develop and spend time building quality websites on some of my ultra premium domains like Underwear.co.uk, and CheapCruises.co.uk was always one I had planned to develop in 2012 as it ranked in my personal top 3 domain names that I own. Names of this calibre are like gold dust and once they are gone, they are gone forever, hence why I had planned to keep this particular name and work on it as I have others. That was until Ian Gilder (aka The Bad Boy of Cruise / Adore Cruises) came knocking on my door asking if the domain was for sale. After much negotiation we settled on a price which I was struggling to refuse.

Why am I happy ? the price that CheapCruises.co.uk sold for was £50,000 (circa $78,000) which is a fabulous price for a .uk domain name but also a bargain in comparison to the sale of Cruises.co.uk which was sold back in February 2008 for £560,000. By selling CheapCruises.co.uk it enabled and empowered me to invest in another premium generic domain name Wardrobes.com in the recent Sedo GreatDomains auction, so it was the right decision for me personally overall.

Ian doesn’t hang around either, he has already started building the site and already offering Cheap Cruises ! One thing is for sure, after seeing what Ian is capable of I am very pleased it has gone to a good home and to someone who will actually do the name justice instead of a half arsed attempt at an affiliate site.

It is also refreshing that Ian totally realised the value and importance of owning the generic domain name and how much it meant to his business – something which is rare with UK business owners and gives him a distinct advantage over his competitors.

CheapCruises.co.uk is certainly one to watch and I look forward to seeing Ian make a huge success of it !