UPDATE TO “Domain Trading – Turning £100 into £10,000+ a true story”

Avid readers of my blog will remember a post I did just over 2 years ago entitled “Domain Trading – Turning £100 into £10,000+ a true story” and seeing as I sold another one of the domains today from the original post, I thought I would post an update.

In summary I originally did this :

- Bought BlackjackOnline.co.uk and RouletteOnline.co.uk for £100 for the pair

- I then sold BlackjackOnline.co.uk for $8,000 (circa £5,000) and done a trade deal on  RouletteOnline.co.uk for £1,500 and 5 domain names – VolunteerJobs.co.uk, FittedWardrobe.co.uk, MassageChair.co.uk, WebcamGirls.co.uk and MaritalAids.co.uk

Fast forward 2 years since this has happened, and during this time I have sold WebcamGirls.co.uk for $1,000(circa £650) and MassageChair.co.uk for $1,500 (circa £950) and purchased 3 small websites for £2,200 for all 3.

Website 1 is a simple 10-20 page content website, which offers a total solution to the traffic it receives. It has not had a single update or link added to it since I bought the site, all I have done is monestised it slighlty different and changed the layout. It cost me £1,200 and it has made me £5,987 to date.

Website 2 is another very simple website but this one has less than 10 pages of content. It was a 14 year old website which had some very solid links already in place and is PR6. It was originally being used as a linkfarm, but I dropped the site and redone one myself and added some pages of very strong content which was in relation to the original purpose the website was built and it gained some very strong rankings in a matter of weeks and i haven’t touched it since. It cost me £900 and has made me £5,911 to date.

Website 3 was actually the cheapest and the best of the three websites I bought. It was a 15 page website which was very topical at the time and was receiving between 500-1000 unique visitors a day (it still receives approx 200 a day now) but was virtually impossible to monetise due to the subject matter and demographic of the site – at least that was what I thought until I tried something totally unrelated and thought different 11 months ago and I soon realsied it worked better than I thought. The conversion was totally rubbish, but the ones I did convert were worth a small fortune. It cost me £100 and has made me £11,918 to date (that is in the past 11 months too)

So here is the total outcome so far :

£5,857 from website 1
£5,911 from website 2
£11,918 from website 3
£5,000 from selling BlackJackonline.co.uk
£1,500 from selling RouletteOnline.co.uk
£650 from selling WebcamGirls.co.uk
£950 from selling MassageChair.co.uk

Sub Total = £31,786

minus the cost of the three websites – £2,200 and the 2 domain names at the very start – £100

Grand Total = £29,486 profit to date (which obviously rises daily as my websites contine to earn) Plus I still have VolunteerJobs.co.uk, FittedWardrobe.co.uk and MaritalAids.co.uk to sell too.

I will end on the 4 key points I posted in the original blog post and the 4 points I stand by and have made this possible for me  :

  1. Reinvesting – Always reinvest the majority of the money you make from domain trading, into more domain names. I see too many people sell a domain name for a few K and then spend it all on pointless things and then have nothing to show for it apart from a few hangovers and a nice designer watch worth nothing, and then having to start all over again.
  2. Investment spreading – I never stick to one ‘type’ of domain or niche. I sometimes reinvest the some of the profits from domain trading into an earning website which requires no input but earns some level of passive income every month. This obviously contributes to the overall income from domain trading, albeit in a different capacity.
  3. Scaling up – When you have more money to play with, then I would advise to buy better quality names for even bigger ROI’s.
  4. Research – Make sure you invest in names which actually have commercial value and the bigger the better. Niche names are good also and can get good results, but it is far better to have a name with 100’s of potential buyers as opposed to just a handful. A quick Google search for the keywords will give you some indication of how popular the domain name could be.

Maybe I should change the tite of the original blog post to “Domain Trading – Turning £100 into £30,000+ a true story” ?