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Welcome to my personal blog. I am Frank Paul, and I am online entrepreneur. My main interests are Domain Trading (Premium and Generic Domain Names), Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimisation and Performance Marketing – in that order.

I have always been entrepreneurial from a very young age and I truly believe you are born with it. My first money making venture was when I was around 6 years old – my parents who didn’t have alot of money at the time (due to my dad being made redundant), started running a market stall in Swansea with my dad selling watches and my mum selling costume jewellery. I would always be dragged along to the market every weekend (and during the week in school holidays) but whilst I used to hate getting up at 5am, I used to love the hustle and bustle of the market and the overall buzz of trading.

I can’t remember exactly how it came about but I decided to start my own ‘business’ and whilst at the wholesalers with my parents, I used my pocket money which I had saved up over the previous couple of weeks (£4) to buy some button badges. I bought 50 badges at 8p a badge and decided to try and sell them for 25p a badge. I will never forget that feeling of being so proud at setting my ‘stall’ up for the first time (which was about 8 inches on the corner of my dads stall) waiting for people to come and buy my stock. I was amazed – I had sold all 50 badges by about 10am and had £12.50 in my little box – I didn’t know this at the time, but I was a successful entrepreneur. I had seen a gap in the market, gone with my gut instinct and invested money into something purely to make more money and it worked !

Over the next few weeks I got smarter and invested all my money back into badges, until I had a running stock of about 150 badges and would sell around 100 of them per week for £25 – at a cost of around £8. I would always top up my stock to keep my stock level the same, and would take the remainder of the money to use to buy things for myself, and it felt great -  I can still remember the feeling today. I had my own self funding business and was buying things that I wanted (toys sweets, pop and general things that all kids love) – what more could you want ?

Little did I realise that this small enterprise that I set up at such a young age, would set me up mentally for where I am now, as I still apply the exact same fundamentals in my business today with great success. Over the years I have tried numerous ventures which has lead me onto this path I am on now. Not everything has gone to plan as I had hoped (for one reason or another), but I see that as experience and education that has made me the successful person I am today.

I started my first online business with just £100 and within 5 years I have turned it into very significant business by anyone’s standards.

My three best bits of advice I would give to anyone who was thinking of taking the plunge would be -

1. Always reinvest. It is all well and good making money, but reinvesting will make your business succeed and grow long term.

2. Be prepared to work hard at the beginning. The more you put into your business, the better chance of success in the long run.

3. Don’t be scared to steer the ship in a different direction. If something isn’t going as you originally planned, don’t keep flogging a dead horse. A strong successful trait is identifying and admitting when something isn’t working and change it. 

I have met so many nice people on this journey and one or two I would even trust with my life. It is such an interesting market to work in, especially as the online world is still very much in it’s infancy in the UK and the next 5 years are going to be very interesting – even more so for myself personally. New doors are opening daily, and it is choosing the right doors to enter which will determine where I am in the next few years.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to contact me for any reason then please use the details on the contact page


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