Are you really living for yourself or just social media “friends”?

We are currently living in very strange times where a generation of people are surviving in a warzone and constantly at battle. I am not talking about Iran, Burma or the Ukraine; I am talking about Great Britain. They aren’t happy and are at constant war with themselves and others fighting off the feelings of self-loathing unless they have the latest car, iPhone or designer clothes.

This new generation of ‘youngsters’ all deem their popularity and feelings of self-worth by judging the number of friends they have on Facebook, how many followers they have on Twitter and how many ‘likes’ they can gain on their latest Selfie which they posted on Instagram 30 seconds ago (and if enough ‘likes’ aren’t achieved, they will delete the photo and try posting it again at another time).

Depression is a term thrown around willy-nilly by youngsters because they don’t look as good or have the things which the latest ‘celebrity’ appearing on a reality TV show on Channel 5 has. I have actually witnessed people say they are depressed because Kim Kardashian looked ‘totes amazeballs’ at some recent awards ceremony and they would love to have her life – this truly pains me.

This same generation will go to extraordinary lengths to appear to be popular and important in the eyes of their ‘friends’ and will even fake it to look good! What kind of a fucked up existence is that? It is like a modern day version of ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’

When I was young (did I actually just say that?!) being popular and having the latest things were still sadly classed as important but nowhere near like it is today, so what has changed? SOCIAL MEDIA. These days it is all one giant worldwide popularity contest due to social media and everyone feels left out if they aren’t part of this worldwide cult which sucks them in.

As I get older I am realising every single day that none of this even matters, and why should we care or give a fuck what other people are doing or what other people have and try to better them? We are ALL guilty of having our phones in our hands way too often, and also posting too much on social media about our lives and what we are doing; there is nothing wrong with that if you enjoy it BUT do you ACTUALLY enjoy it or are you just posting things for the benefit of other people?

I personally get a huge amount of satisfaction and enjoyment from social media. I have talked to some wonderful people with shared interests, had some unforgettable moments with others and have even made life-long friends as a result of them – the difference with me is ‘I am who I am’ and I don’t post things for the benefit of other people, I post what I want, when I want – simple as that. I am not a ‘people pleaser’ and couldn’t give a fuck if people like me or not; I would rather have just 10 real people around me who like me for who I am. I like sharing and posting about certain aspects of my life with people I class as friends and I also post certain things to motivate others too.

Social media is going nowhere and is almost inescapable, but just make sure you use it in the correct ways for yourself and not just as a way to try and look good to other people. It is too easy to forget the most important things in life such as health, food and water, a roof over your head, friends and family.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it” – Ferris Bueller.

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