I will be appearing on Dragons Den in 2014

Yes that is right – I will be appearing on Dragons Den in 2014 ! Want to know what my idea is ? then read my pitch below

“Hello Dragons I am here today to pitch to you for £250,000 investment for a 1% equity stake in my exciting and unique business which will be the first of its kind in the UK. The business is called ‘The Anti Social Club’ and it is a pub type establishment serving traditional ales and pub meals and will be aimed at people who prefer to sit with their phones in their hands all night instead of talking to their friends they are with.

This may sound no different to any other type of drinking establishment that already exists but my 100% unique selling point from other venues that have similar offerings, will be that I have chargers available for every smartphone on the market and 5 minutes of free charging time with every drink purchased, and from that alone you can see it is a 100% sure fire winner. I welcome any questions and I am sure that all five of you will be interested in making an offer, as we all know it is a sure fire winner”

The sad thing is, I am not actually appearing on Dragons Den in 2014, but perhaps the even sadder thing is in 2014 is the idea would be probably be a sure fire winner – which is a pretty sad reflection on the way we spend time staring at our phones, instead of spending time ACTUALLY socialising with the people we are with.

Enjoy your Friday evening.


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