If your business operates from a .co.uk domain name, you should be VERY worried !

The new .uk proposal could put your established .co.uk website out of business

The new .uk proposal could put your established .co.uk website out of business

If your business operates from a .co.uk domain name then you should be very worried about the recent proposal from Nominet (they are the apparently “not for profit” charity that looks after every .uk domain)

They are planning a new ‘safer’ and shorter alternative to the current .co.uk (and .org.uk) domain names which will be .uk – sounds great yes ? In theory it does, but when you actually look into what Nominet is proposing it is actually very alarming, and as a business owner in the UK you really need to take note and action to what the Nominet proposal could do to your business before it is too late, and you are displaying a ‘CLOSED – OUT OF BUSINESS’ sign on your website.

Would you be happy for a potential competitor to set up a website on the .uk equivalent of your .co.uk domain name which you have been building for years and has cost you bundles of cash ? Confusing your customers who have been visiting your established .co.uk website for all those years AND losing you £1,000′s of business in the process ? Of course you wouldn’t but surely Nominet wouldn’t let that happen anyway would they ? THEY ARE !

In the current proposals, the current .co.uk owner of any given domain name DO NOT HAVE AUTOMATIC RIGHTS to the .uk equivalent of their .co.uk domain name which they have spent years and countless money marketing and building up their brand and website, only to be shafted by the very people who are supposed to be looking after them.

The UK economy has suffered from a devastating double recession over the past couple of years with 10,000′s of businesses stopping trading and going bankrupt - if you were fortunate to survive the recession then you may not be so lucky with this – do you really want to go out of business due to a totally flawed proposal ?

Edwin Hayward a UK domain name expert since 1996 has compiled a document aimed at showing UK business owners the issues they face with the new domain name proposal and I urge EVERY SINGLE UK BUSINESS OWNER to click here and read this document and the effect it will have on your business if this proposal goes ahead.


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