Magic movie test

As alot of you already know, I love magic and am a practising amateur magician and I have been working on this new trick, where I can predict your favourite movie by a simple maths test – which I have laid out below.

There is a list of 20 movies listed below, and by answering the 5 questions correctly, it will identify the film which you would enjoy the most.

that's magic !

(Don’t cheat and scroll down too far yet, or it won’t work correctly)

1. Think of a number between 1 and 9
2. Multiply that number by 3
3. Add 3 to that new number
4. Multiply that number by 3 again
5. Finally add the 2 (or 3) digits together to give you your final number (so if you ended up with 14 add 1 + 4 together which would equal 5)

Mine was “The Prestige” – 100% accurate and correct !

So be 100% honest in your questions you answer, and see how accurate it is for yourself :

Answers below

1. Toy Story
2. The Hangover
3. Shrek
4. The Prestige
5. Casino
6. The God Father
7. Jurassic Park
8. Pulp Fiction
9. The joy of anal sex with donkeys
10. The Matrix
11. Terminator
12. Taxi Driver
13. American Beauty
14. Jaws
15. Mary Poppins
16. Avatar
17. The Lion King
18. Rocky
19. Rain Man
20 Monsters Inc.

I am sure you will agree that that is a pretty amazing trick eh ? :)

19 Responses to “Magic movie test”

  1. James  on August 17th, 2010

    Spot on! this is amazing!! Mine is number 9!!!
    Hahahaaa :)

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  3. Cheap Vibrators  on August 17th, 2010

    LOL – I also got 9 :-)

    “9. The joy of anal sex with donkeys” – I wonder if there’s demand for a Adult DVD for that ;)

  4. Gary  on August 18th, 2010

    LOL Very funny although not entirely accurate for me. Got no 11 Terminator but think I would prefer number 9.

    Nice 2nd comment with a link to one of your sites Smingle. would comment on the site but can’t really check here whilst I’m in the day job! I will have to look at it later.

  5. frank  on August 18th, 2010

    Hi Gary

    You need to invest in a better calculator, as no matter what number you choose, you will always end up on 9 ;)

    Plus that site isn’t mine, it was a freebie name I gave away on A4U in 2009

  6. Gary  on August 18th, 2010

    Damn I missed the boat with that niche ;)

    Does that film actually exist?

  7. frank  on August 18th, 2010

    Ha ha no it doesn’t exist mate ;)

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