Modern Schools are very outdated. They need to change with the times

This is something that has bugged me for ages, and something which comes up quite often in our house. Modern schools are very outdated and the majority of areas covered in most subjects they teach, do not help our children in anyway whatsoever. A bit harsh you may think, but let’s put this into reality by choosing a few subjects and some things they are about in modern schools today.

The young children held hands in support of each others decision to bunk off another pointless Welsh lesson

The young children held hands in support of each others decision to bunk off another pointless Welsh lesson

How many people need to know or have used “What is pie” in the real world ? Pie = 3.142. So ? How does that help me when I am trying to pay my bills, or working out how much tax is due on my earnings ?

Photosynthesis – Why would anyone need to know that this is, and how will it help them in the real world ? Ok great if you want to become a scientist when you leave school, but is this the majority of our children ?

Shakespeare – Yeh ok they may be classic books and a great writer, but again, how does this help our children in any way when they have left school ? I can just see it now :

Shop worker – “That will be £3.99 please madam”
Shakespeare educated school leaver – “May a plague descent on both your houses, nothing comes amiss, so money comes withal”
Shop worker – “eh ?”

Yet another few hours wasted studying rubbish which won’t help better “one’s” life

Religious Education
Why do our kids HAVE to believe in god, jesus and how the world was created ? this is the subject that annoys me more than any other. Schools just push this trash onto our children and don’t give them the option not to take part. For example, the amount of school plays we have attended and the amount of times the teachers have said “let us pray” was shocking. Surely if “god” had created the world and freedom for mankind, then we should have the choice NOT to take part in this wasted subject.

Great if you want to work or live in France, but how many of us actually want to do this ? English is the mutually globally spoken language in almost every country in the world, so wasting 4 hours a week learning how to say “my name is” in french is a sheer waste of time.

See above

Welsh (if you live in wales)
Don’t get me started on this one !

Great if you want to travel around the world and learn about different cultures, but cultures which are in 1980′s text books have moved on. Also fossils ? ! Why do we want to learn about them ? sure if you want to become a paleontologist, but is that really the majority of our kids ? I think not !

How things could be improved
Obviously some things in most subjects DO play an important part in our children’s future, but just the few things I have highlighted above could equate to a number of hours a week, which could be spent doing much more useful and worthwhile things such as

Learning how to write a CV, so you know how to apply for jobs
Learning how to handle a job interview
Learning how to sort bills out and direct debits
Learning how a mortgage works and what it actually means
Learning how credit cards work and the dangers of getting into debt very easily
Learning how to sort out things like car insurance, car tax and MOT
Learning how to work out tax and national insurance payments, especially useful if you want to be self employed
Learning the real responsiblities of having children at a young age, and realising that appearing on Jeremy Kyle for a DNA test DOES NOT make you famous

All of the things above affects EVERYONE regardless of their choice of career in life, so therefore I think they would be deemed alot more suitable if the modern schools took heed and stop wasting time on pointless subjects which help a very slim majority of kids.

All in my humble opinion of course, and just for the record, I hated school and most of the lessons and left with 1 GCSE which was in Information Technology ironically enough. This hasn’t affected making my life a success so far, so AM I BOVVERED ?

7 Responses to “Modern Schools are very outdated. They need to change with the times”

  1. Lammo  on June 24th, 2009

    Too right mate! Too much time is spent teaching stuff that is of no use whatsoever (even more time soon as the school leaving age rises to 18), whilst the stuff that kids wil actually find useful is glossed over in a brief 30 minute session once a week.

    End result is a lot of “intelligent” young adults who can pass exams and write 20,000 word dissertations about very complex organisms but who are unable to hold a basic conversation or work out their bills.

    Subjects that I think should be taught in addition to your suggestions:
    Basic Economics (recession, depression, boom cycles, stock trading, inflation)
    Full British History – Rather than spending a whole term looking at one era, start at Roman Britain and keep going until you get to Tony’s War.
    Politics – understanding how the british political system works, what an mp does etc.
    Enterprise – Some schools do this as an “extra” for half a term once in the school life of a pupil. I’d do it from Year 7 as a regular subject, encouraging every pupil to explore their creative, entrepreneurial side – get motivational speakers in, encourage and nurture the business brains of the future.
    Current Affairs – Every class would have a 30 minute class debate about something that’s happening in the world today, so they learn that TV and the Internet isn’t just about Paris Hilton and Big Brother.

  2. Matt  on June 24th, 2009

    with you on this one. I think salesmanship should be taught in school – the art & science of selling!

  3. Not Me  on June 24th, 2009

    Ermmm…. think you have missed the entire point of education..

    Education is about teaching you the skills necessary to carry on learning your whole life. Everything is a building block, you can’t start at a high level.

    You are a very eloquent writer, if you had not studied shakespeare and other literary works then would your command of the English language?

    Pi may not apply so much to you, but basic trigonometry will come into play in your life all the time without you even noticing it.

    Look at the type of jobs that people had when you were at school and look how different things are now, so think how much more different things will be in the future, you cannot tailor an 11 (or more) year education to such simple ideas as “learn how to fill in a tax form”..

    Come on, think about it, and don’t be so reactionary.

  4. pete  on June 25th, 2009

    Agree with a lot of your comments, but I believe that you are either academic or practical (and just want to get out of school and work/experience the university of life!) or a happy combination ;)

    PI (3.147) is used in many things that we all take for granted, e.g. your car wheels, the inside of your car engine (piston), in circular packaging of all shapes and sizes.
    There would be very few buildings/structures without PI! Its used in maths/trig. to calculate things like circle circumferences – this is used to accurately calculate dimensions of architectural drawings for example, buildings/bridges.

    Many of the subjects you mention are ‘niches’, e.g. Welsh in certain parts of Wales is more popular than others. is available ;)

    I am glad you left school and made a success of life – hopefully kids will see you as a role model when you appear on Dragons Den (as one of the entrepreneurs)!

  5. Kier  on June 26th, 2009

    This is linkbait right? I’m genuinely shocked that you hold such beliefs if not.

  6. Kier  on June 26th, 2009

    there seem to be two aspects to your post. One is that schools should give kids more practical advice on life regarding how to apply for a job, deal with money etc. That I can kind of understand although I had these things covered pretty well at school as it was. Maybe more could be done in this area but I suspect current issues in society are more to do with shortcomings of parenting than of schooling.

    What I disagree with is the idea that the other subjects taught are somehow not worthwhile. What would you teach them instead? There’s only so much you can learn about how to write a CV, how not to get into debt etc. More to the point though, what will you put on your CV if you haven’t studied anything other than how to live in the adult world of which you’re not yet a part? Literature, science, history, politics, geography etc are the foundations of the economy. Understanding how the world works, how we get resources and turn them into goods and services, how those things are traded and distributed is what makes an economy possible. Whilst you didn’t enjoy school but have been able to succeed in spite of it, the evidence shows that education is the main factor when it comes to economic success in life. A little known fact for instance is that social mobility is far higher in Europe than in America. The ‘American dream’ of a poor person working their way up is far more of a dream there than it is here in Europe, and the reason for that is that we provide better quality education and opportunities to all whereas over there things are a lot more based on what your parents were able to pay for, not your ability.

  7. Diane  on February 17th, 2011

    CBI has said fairly often that school leavers and university graduates do not have the skills for the real world.