My new website is launched and the title of my forthcoming book is finally revealed

Quite a few people have noticed I have been quiet on social media and email over the past couple of weeks, and I have had a few messages of concern asking if I was okay, so what was the reason for me being so quiet? Well the short story is that I have been busy sorting through every single one of my domain names and also reassessing the direction in which I move forward in my business, and I am finally at a point where I know what I will be doing for the rest of 2014 and the years ahead (more on that another time)

With the launch of the new .uk domain name extensions finally released last week by Nominet, I thought I would take the opportunity to totally overhaul my old company website and re-brand on my brand new shiny domain name (the website will be 301 redirected over the next week or so, for the techies amongst you)

I also took this opportunity to totally overhaul my domain portfolio, and include it on my new website also. This is the first time I have EVER revealed my domain names publicly in this way before, with over 95% of my domain names listed on the site for people to see and enquire about.

Whilst I was at it, I decided to also reveal the name of the book which lots of you know I have been writing (it isn’t completed yet before you ask) and finally get my mini site launched to coincide with me launching my new website. The name of the book which I have spend a fair bit of time over the past 12 months preparing, researching and scribbling down notes for is titled

I am not going into detail on this post regarding what the book is about, but if you are interested, then feel free to click the logo above and see what it is about. I know some of you will be wondering about the domain name too, and to save the messages and emails I will inevitably receive regarding it. I thought I would post it here instead. I purchased the domain name back in 2012 with the sole intention for my book. I knew the title of the book was going to be and took months trying to acquire the domain name, and my patience and persistence paid off.

Anyway enough from me, I have done enough writing for the next few months, so take a look at the sites if you wish.

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