Never forget how far you have come

I haven’t posted on my blog for a good few months, as I have been busy working on projects both online and offline, but I felt I had to make the time to do this post titled “Never forget how far you have come” due to something which happened this week.

Two days ago I was alerted to something by a friend of mine who had seen something posted about me on a large internet forum, which I used to frequent daily. There was a new post which someone had started entitled “Who Inspires You ?” and the actual post was as follows :

“Hi Guys

1) Which well-known people inspire/have inspired you in the domain industry?

2) Which well-known people inspire/have inspired you in the internet marketing industry?”

There were a few replies to this question, then there was this one which was from someone I knew and had chatted to a few times in the past (but I have never met) :

“I find Frank as a big inspiration, mainly because we both used to frequent a forum completely unrelated to internet marketing (it was a fitness forum) in about 2004/5 (we didn’t know each other) and he was posting about struggling with money but needing to get his car fixed, trying to save some money for a wedding, not being able to sleep for stress, having a baby and generally stressing about life and finances. (I hope Frank doesn’t mind me saying this)

Then he started posting about wanting to start his own business offline, then an online business, then he started offering offering his wife’s services with her new business decorating chocolate bars (iirc) then he posted up his first affiliate site (which was bloody terrible) it was a daily deals, offers type website iirc, then about a website he was starting about business networking (iirc) and then kind of disappeared out of my online life.

Fast forward a few years and he reappears in my online life doing extremely well, with several lead gen/aff sites, selling £xx,xxx domains, has a great domain portfolio, a big house, several luxury cars, happily married and his Mrs also has what appears is a thriving lifestyle business and they have a great family.

What he has achieved in such a short time is amazing, as is his attitude and willingness to help others – a true inspiration.”

Now anyone that knows me will tell you that I am never lost for words or speechless – however this was one of those rare moments. When I saw that post I honestly couldn’t believe what I had just read about myself and the journey I had been on the past 8 years or so, as I hadn’t looked at it like that at all. Sure I was aware of some of the success I had gained over the years, and also I was very aware that back in 2005 I had £10,000′s of debt and no money to my name, and even had to borrow money from my own mother so I could afford to put shoes on my kids feet and food on the table BUT seeing it laid out like that and hearing it from someone else truly astounded me.

Everyone is on a journey in their lives and have their own meaning of ‘personal success’ but success for me boils down to two things – Freedom and happiness. Everything else is just a bonus.

I had a very shit year in 2013 in lots of ways – not financially, but in terms of productivity, self-doubt, questioning what I was doing with my business life, not enjoying what I was doing any more, outside forces and also lack of motivation. I have massively changed direction in so many ways over the course of 2014 in how I move forward with my businesses and how I spend my time, and I have also made a few very drastic and bold changes too which had a huge positive effect on all of the above, so the post which Ian wrote (by the way, here is Ian on Twitter) really did strike a chord with me and actually made me realise how hard I had been on myself for a very long time. I truly want to thank Ian for making that post as as I had truly forgotten how far I had come, and that post has solidified even further the reasons I take time out every week to help others too.

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