Who said using facebook is a waste of time

A teenager from New York who was accused and arrested for armed robbery, has today been cleared of all the charges as his Facebook page had provided him with a concrete alibi.

19 Year old Rodney Bradford spent a whole 12 days in prison after being arrested on the suspicion of armed robbery.

facebook alibi

But Rodney was released after a status update on his Facebook profile placed him acorss the other side of town in his fathers flat at the time of the alleged robbery.

The status update was posted exactly 1 minute before the robbery took place, which made it impossible for Rodney to be at the place at the time of the robbery.

The message posted was intended for his girlfriend, who he hoped would cook him some breakfast. Instead, it proved that Mr Rodney wasn’t near the robbery when it took place.

The charges were dropped after IT experts confirmed the status update was posted from his fathers IP address.

Not to be controversial, but surely it could have just been someone else posting that status update to “provide” an alibli ?

I think I might start updating my Facebook profile and Twitter accounts every few minutes, just incase I get wrongly accused of something I didn’t do and get banged up for almost 2 weeks.

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