Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort LIVE at London’s ExCel 28th May 2014

I have to admit that I had never even heard of Jordan Belfort aka The Wolf Of Wall Street until I had watched the recent blockbuster movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio back in January, but ever since watching the film I was intrigued and mesmerised by his story and his huge success (and downfall) which he achieved in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Jordan Belfort is now a world class motivational speaker, but he originally made $100’s of millions as a stockbroker in the late 1980’s and 1990’s. Belfort was convicted of fraud in relation to stock market manipulation through his company Stratton Oakmont, and was sentenced to four years in prison in 2003 of which he served 22 months. Jordan recounted his life in his book entitled ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and in late 2013 the film adaptation was released and starred Leonardo DiCaprio who played Jordan Belfort.

Just over two weeks ago on 28th May 2014, I travelled 200 miles to London along with a friend of mine as we had heard that the actual ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort was appearing at the London ExCel centre for one night only as part of his world tour.

Armed with VIP tickets and first class train tickets, we both headed off to the big smoke psyched up to hear what he had to say and learn more about the Wolf himself. Now anyone that knows me will tell you that I don’t buy into these ‘guru’ bullshit and ‘yes man’ type seminars so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was just as intrigued in listening and meeting the man himself as I was to hear about ‘The truth behind his success’

Upon arrival at the London ExCel it was buzzing with so many people all there to see Jordan in the flesh and listen to how he made and lost his millions. The atmosphere and enthusiasm was amazing, there were approx. 2,500 – 3,000 people all there for their own individual reasons and ranged from young, attractive, professional, suited women in their early 20’s right up to older gentlemen in their late 70’s dressed in jeans and a jumper. Jordan certainly has a diverse range of fans.

The seminar started and Jordan (a quite short and stocky individual in his early 50’s) ran onto the stage greeted by a huge round of applause and a standing ovation from the entire room – just his presence was electrifying.

Jordan began by making a few jokes and references to the film, and after a few minutes he was in to the swing of the seminar and started speaking naturally and openly about his past and his regrets and how he is trying to be ‘The ultimate redemption story’ by motivating, empowering and giving back to people. One of the main things he concentrated on was trying to help people understand and to overcome their self-limiting beliefs which we all suffer from (myself included)

The seminar was three hours long, and the majority of people were expecting a mid-session interval to go to the toilet, have a refreshment etc. It didn’t happen. Jordan talked straight for the full three hours, pausing only momentarily to take a swig of his Gatorade – he even joked that whilst most people have a fear of public speaking, he had a fear of not public speaking and that the three hours was nowhere near enough to say everything he wanted to say. One thing that I was very aware of and somewhat amazed by was his charisma, charm and energy as he wandered around the stage speaking with total fluency at all times – this guy was good and I could totally see why people had bought into him as a person both in the 80’s and 90’s and also still in 2014.

The three hours seemed to fly by and there was never a dull moment or boring element in sight, as Jordan spoke in great depth about his ‘Straight Line System’ which is a sales and persuasion system that he created whilst on Wall Street and which enabled him to building one of the most successful stock brokerage companies in all of Wall Street’s history.

The Straight Line System consisted of some key elements which he spoke about in great detail and included seven main points which I felt were important to me personally :

-          Establishing rapport and charisma with new customers using tonality

-          The formula for creating referrals and turning them into customers for life

-          Overcoming your self-limiting beliefs about money

-          The four main rules of entrepreneurship

-          Mastering the hidden language of influence

-          Increasing your confidence in sales, your closing rate and your income

-          The major difference between having a goal and having a vision

I am not going to go into the full details of the Straight Line System which he taught and spoke about, as it wouldn’t be fair to reveal the techniques and training he gave to all the people who had paid between £79 and £395 for a ticket that evening, but what I am going to say is this – I can honestly say that it was probably the best value for money I have invested in my life. The techniques and the way he has got me thinking differently has been amazing, I have already made some drastic changes and decisions partly as a result of him alone.

I still don’t buy into the whole ‘guru’ and ‘yes man’ mentality but it is hard not to feel motivated and energised by a man who made $100’s of millions via the system and techniques he spoke about and taught, and then realising that I can apply those techniques in ethical ways in my own businesses to achieve much better results, plus he has spurred me onto finally completing some projects and also finishing my book which I have been writing for some time now but keep getting side-tracked by other things, and therefore putting it off.

I am one of the most sceptical, critical and non bullshit type people you will ever meet, but if you ever get the chance to see Jordan Belfort in person, then I cannot recommend him highly enough and you will not be disappointed I am certain.

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